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"Best-Kept Secrets of Major League Pitching"  
by Larry Monroe 


                                                Customer Review

"I've coached little league for a few years now and feel that overall I do a good job, but when it comes to instructing pitchers I'm not much help. I was never a pitcher myself and dont give great advice-mostly "throw strikes and stay positive". As far as mechanics-I'm not much help.

After reading about the book in our local newspaper and being told by my son that he wants to pitch this year I thought I'd check it out. It was a good idea. It's very informative-I especially like how he has photos of major league pitchers demonstrating the ideas he's writing about. The drills and the discussion of the different grips and pitching strategies are going to give me something to work on with my son and the other pitchers this year-if it ever warms up. I'd highly recommend it."

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