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A Bit About Me

​I recently retired after 47 years with the Chicago White Sox. I was chosen by the White Sox out of high school in the first round of the 1974 amateur draft with the eighth overall selection.  I made the Major League team in 1976 at 20 years old when I tore my rotator cuff of my pitching shoulder.  I pitched for 4 more years in the minor leagues but no longer had the power to play at the Major League level. I switched gears and started scouting for the Sox in 1980 and have since then devoted my entire career on finding the answer as to how I injured myself. I have held many positions in scouting and player development so I had the unique opportunity to work with great pitchers and pitching coaches on the proper way to throw for performance and to maintain good health. For 10 years of my career I had the great fortune to work closely with doctors and clinicians at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago to bio-mechanically find the throwing motions that create these injuries. Now I intend to pass this information on to young pitchers so they can become the best they can be, to accomplish their goals and remain healthy for their career. I am confident that my experience and expertise will make you the best pitcher you can be.

Create and Protect Your Perfect Pitch

Identify your unique pitching style, build on your strengths and protect your investment by having a healthy arm during your pitching career

Get to the top of your game with former Major League Pitcher, Executive and Scout Larry Monroe. Larry offers his most significant and sought after hints, tips and secrets from his 47 years experience with the Chicago White Sox. He teaches concise and easy to learn practices to help make pitchers the most consistent and effective pitcher they can be. He will cover power, mechanics or any delivery flaws to keep you healthy and balanced to achieve your individual pitching success. He has ideal knowledge about how to gain life on your fastball or teach you the secondary pitches with late life and command. He will give you the entire picture of what you need to learn to achieve your goals and remain healthy.  This expertise will especially help talented teenagers with some potential to play college or professional baseball!



  • 10 Min Complimentary Phone Consult for Potential Clients

  • Exclusive 3-month personal plans available

  • Individual single sessions available by Request

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